Driving Responsibilities for Teens

One of the most important responsibilities at any age is getting behind the wheel. Parents must lead by example to show their teen safe driving techniques.

Driving safe is very important! These six tips will help them understand the responsibility of getting behind the wheel:
1. Never speed.
2. Always wear the seat belt.
3. Be a defensive driver. Be aware and watch out for other unsafe drivers.
4. Don’t drive while under the influence or ride with anyone that is under the influence. This clouds judgment for driving and could potentially end in a fatality. If you do make a mistake, or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, call your parents immediately. They will respect you for being mature enough to see the danger and making the right call.
5. Pay attention to the road while driving. Don’t get distracted by cell phones, radio, or passengers. Driving is a very important responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Teens need to be explained that they can have fun and enjoy themselves, but never drink while driving. Years from now, they will laugh when looking back on their school days, but not if they don’t remember them.
Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth if you made some bad judgment calls. Explain to them what you did right or wrong and what the consequences were. This can only help them to feel that you are human and that you regret those decisions and don’t want them to make the same.
Remind them of their future. High school and college years are a great time, but they have their whole future ahead of them. Remind them that it is important to look ahead and make good decisions.
Immature vs. mature. Teens may think that drinking or doing drugs and driving is what the grown up thing is to do. Explain to them that is the most immature and irresponsible decision they could make. Being mature is about making the right decision and keeping your future in your sight. As a parent, your responsibility is to lead by example. Parents should follow the same rules they set for their teen.

The way your teen learns to drive today is how they will drive tomorrow. Remind them that driving is a privilege—not to be taken lightly or for granted. Getting behind the wheel can be a great rite of passage…just make sure it’s the right passage they are driving down.