His “excuse” was just as illegal

Authorities north of Minneapolis, MN apprehended a motorist who was suspected of drinking and driving.  The suspect told a sheriff’s deputy he had been distracted by text-messaging.

Before the incident the Minnesota Department of Public Safety stated the mid-20’s driver nearly wrecked into a squad car when he swerved over into oncoming traffic.  The person in question was going about 80mph on Hwy 371 a local paper reported.

After almost colliding with the sheriff deputy the driver sped off but was caught minutes later.  During the short high-speed chase the drunk driver reached 100 mph.  When he was pulled over the driver stated he was distracted from driving because he was text-messaging while driving.  Text-messaging had been outlawed by a state provision that took effect 2 days prior.  The driver was arrested and taken into custody for drinking and driving.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety acknowledge a lot of things could of gone wrong and they were very lucky no one was killed and their quick actions resulted in the arrest of the suspect.