Free Ride Home For the New Years!

The 2014 New Year party goers will not have an excuse for driving drunk after the bars close.  Throughout Texas their is an initiative titled "Tipsy Tow" in which AAA will be offering FREE rides home throughout the night to ensure people arrive home safely after a night of crazy partying.

drunk guy defensive driving

Make sure you inform all your friends and family that are planning on having a little more alcohol than usual, the Tipsy Tow service will be available all night! the Tipsy Tow program will offer members and even non-members a free ride home safely. If you yourself will be drinking make sure to pace yourself! Alternate alcoholic drinks with water.. Consider adding a lemon-lime soda to your beer to dilute or “extend” it, or adding more club soda/tonic to your alcoholic drink as you consume it. Do not over consume!

The AAA has announced a statement to be shared with anyone attending New Year festivities: "As millions of Americans celebrate holidays and events this year, it is important to remember the safety precautions drivers should take during any festivities. Drive only while drug and alcohol-free, pick a designated driver for the evening, plan to take a cab or stay with a friend. While not a nationwide program, a number of AAA clubs offer Tow-to-Go or Tipsy Tow service during certain holidays for members and nonmembers. This service is not available everywhere. Better yet - encourage family and friends to pick a designated driver before they head out for the night." Now, if at all possible the best thing to do is to stay off the roads entirely even if you’re sober. New Years is known for the alarming high rate of drunk drivers that hit the road. Be careful and drive alert.