Time Well Spent

How much time do you spend in your vehicle every day? Several surveys are showing that most people spend an average of 2 weeks at stop lights throughout their entire life. On average, an American will spend a whopping 100 hours a year commuting. For those who live in a big city, the majority of that time is usually wasted sitting in traffic. An opportunity lies within this time spent traveling.
For those who have the trouble of finding time to read, books are usually offer audio versions which can be played in the car. Language learning programs include audio lessons, which can also assure one that no time has been wasted during any daily commute. Taking advantage of the time you spend in your vehicle means doing things that are beneficial. Anything that requires visual attention should be avoided. For example, updating your Facebook status, or sending a text message is not considered productively beneficial. Driving defensively is always of utmost importance. In other words, if you feel that something may be of any distraction to you while driving, avoid it at all costs. Most people would agree that it is safe to use their cell phone when at a stop light, but it can easily be considered a risk. The driver needs to be 100% attentive to the road and traffic signals at all times.
Furthermore, some are suggesting that commuting by motorcycle can cut travel time and costs in half. Cities like Houston, Texas offer HOV lanes, which is a separate one lane highway available to motorcycles and high occupancy vehicles. Collaborating with co-workers or classmates to carpool to a shared destination can be very helpful on saving time. These tips can also be useful when finding a place to park or paying for parking. Remember getting to your final destination safely and without incidents requires your full attention to driving and your driving environment.