Benefits of Defensive Driving: Insurance Rate

Opting to take a defensive driving course has considerable advantages. In the state of Texas, and among other states, a benefit to taking defensive driving includes reduction of points on a driver’s license and avoiding additional points from being reported to your insurance carrier following a driving violation ticket and therefore avoiding an increase in insurance rates. This can amount to considerable savings. If an insurance carrier runs a report and notices moving violation points, it will result in an insurance rate increase.

In 2011 the national average for insurance rates was $1,561. A driver with a clean driving record pays on average around $800 a year for car insurance, and for these drivers most Texas insurance agencies offer a discount that is usually a 25% savings. Once a traffic citation is issued, eligibility for that discount is denied and the base rate of the premium can increase by 2%. If there is no previous history of moving violations, there may not be any change in the insurance rates. In order to lower the monthly insurance rate defensive driving can be the best solution. Depending on what state you reside, a defensive driving course can get at least 10% reduction in insurance rates for a period of 3-5 years. Now the privilege to take defensive driving in Texas has a limit of once per year, unless the Judge says otherwise. If another traffic infraction is committed it will most assuredly increase your insurance rate.
Most insurance companies allow for a defensive driving course to be taken in order to reduce insurance premiums. Take into account that every Insurance Agency is not equal. Restrictions and enforcements vary per company. For example, the severity of a traffic violation may cause a rate increase with one company, but in another they will only raise rates a specific amount per violation.
The easiest and most beneficial option is that of taking a defensive driving course. Though it is a form of punishment, law permits it to have an added benefit. That being said, taking defensive driving for ticket dismissal is not the only time permissible to take defensive driving to lower your insurance premium. A ticket is not necessary. Most insurance companies offer an additional discount for persons taking a defensive driving course even if they did not get a ticket.
Comedy Driving Inc is a Texas Defensive Driving institution that is state approved to dismiss traffic citations and lower insurance premium rates. Comedy Driving has 5 convenient locations in the greater Houston area: Humble, League City, Katy Freeway, Willowbrook, and Sugarland. Each is a branch of Comedy Driving’s defensive driving classes. If these locations are not nearby or convenient, Comedy Driving offers an online defensive driving course that can be accessed via any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet. This is a simple and accessible solution to dismiss any traffic violation and help reduce insurance premiums.