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are just like every other state in the union except New Hampshire. In the fact, there are laws that require the use of safety restraints for all persons riding in a motor vehicle. This law states that it is illegal for anyone, adult or child, to ride in a vehicle that has seat belts without having the restraint properly secured. There are also laws and steps that need to be followed by Texas drivers in regards to the correct types and use of child restraints as well.
Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations can result in fines and additional court fees, which can vary depending on where the ticket was received. In some cases a judge may even order a driver to take a driving safety class for seat belts. So not wearing a safety restraint is not only against the law, but can also cost a driver time, money, and in worst case scenario there life.
Defensive Driving Requirements
  • *Must have permission from the COURT*
  • Texas Driver's License
  • Court Paperwork
  • Payment
If you are caught driving without a seatbelt, make sure you complete the course that is specifically required for Texas seat belt laws and not a defensive driving course. How would you be able know which course to take. This is very simple. If you received a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, then most likely you will be asked to take the seatbelt course.
A seatbelt course is 6 hours in length and can range from $35 and up. If you have been asked to take the seatbelt course, make sure the class you are registered for is specifically for seatbelts. A defensive driving course that is 6 hours will not meet the criteria for a seatbelt specific course the court may have asked you to register for. If you are in doubt, then ask the instructor or school administrator.