Houston Defensive Driving and Driving Safety Classes

When you’re looking for a defensive driving or driving safety course in the Houston area, the first step is to make sure you know what the difference is between defensive driving, driving safety course and driving training course. There really is no difference between defensive driving course and driving safety course. They’re synonyms. For those that don’t know what a synonym is because you failed English every year of your life… Well, forget about it. If you failed English then you’re not having an easy time reading this anyway. The definition of synonym is the least of your worries.

However, there is a difference between defensive driving/driving safety course and a driver training course. A driver training course is for people who want to get their license for the first time or let their license expire and need to get a new one. A defensive driving or driving safety course is for people who already have a valid Texas driver’s license and want to either become better drivers, get a discount on their insurance for taking a defensive driving course or get a ticket dismissed after they’ve gotten permission from the court to take the course. It’s most often the latter of the three reasons that people take the course. There’s the occasional person who takes the course for the insurance break and people take the course for the sole purpose of becoming better drivers roughly 0% of the time.

In Houston, you’ll find driving safety courses available across two mediums: In a classroom environment with an instructor and a course you can take online which involves watching and listening to animations and videos. Regardless of which medium you use, you have to spend a total of six hours on the course and at least $25 to take it. For driving safety courses, there’s no legal way around the time and minimum cost requirement. Driving safety schools such as Comedy Driving, Inc., give you an added bonus to the classroom environment: The instructor is comedian who will save you from otherwise boring and frustrating lessons by getting you to laugh as much as possible during the duration of the course. During the online course provided by Comedy Driving, Inc., many of the animations and videos are written an designed to be funny so you’ll be entertained while taking the course from the comfort of your own home or sneaking it in while you’re at work.

By Texas law, each driving safety course provider must charge each student a minimum of $25 for the driving safety course so you won’t find a legitimate driving safety school or course cheaper than that. But, in Houston, you can find these courses for as low as $25 as you would at Comedy Driving. You may find it for the same price at other schools, but it’s likely their course will lack the “comedy” part. Some Houston area defensive driving schools, whether they have instructors that will educate as well as entertain you or not, charge nearly $70 for a defensive driving course. This is an additional and separate expense from the fines and fees you have to pay the court to hear and process your case.

Regardless of where and how you decide to take a driving safety course, the Certificate of Completion that will be issued to you for passing a test at the end of the course can only be given to you through the mail. By law, schools and instructors are not allowed to physically give you a Certificate of Completion by hand and you’re not allowed to pick it up in person. It must be sent to you through the mail. It can take between one and seven days for a Certificate of Completion to get to you by regular USPS mail, but most defensive driving schools like Comedy Driving, Inc., provide expedited and rushed delivery options which can get your Certificate of Completion to you within one to two business days. That’s particularly helped if you spent your nights catching up on what your TiVo recorded for you instead of promptly taking a driving safety course. You have to have your priorities straight: Favorite TV shows then defensive driving course. The black mark on your driving record and hefty fines are that big of a deal. Since text doesn’t carry tone, you should know that those last two statements were coated in sarcasm like a Butterfinger is coated in chocolate.

In the end, you have to decide what kind of driving safety course is right for you: Funny or boring, in person or online. You’ll find every combination available in the Houston area: Funny and in person, funny and online, boring and in person as well as boring and online. You can go to Comedy Driving, Inc. for either of the funny options or someplace else for the boring options. The latter is not recommended as the frustration and boredom may drive you to actually be a worse driver… No pun intended.