Can you fax or email my Defensive Driving Certificate to me?

The most frequently asked question by those who need to take a defensive driving course is: “Can you fax, email, or hand my certificate of completion to me?” The answer is yes for those who take the course for insurance purposes. (Taking a defensive driving course may reduce your monthly car insurance rates) However, in Texas, it is strictly against the state policy to fax, email, or hand a student their defensive driving certificate of completion. Fortunately, unlike many defensive driving schools in Texas, Comedy Driving Inc. prints their own certificates. This means Comedy Driving ships your certificate, First Class mail, the same day you complete the course, if completed before 5pm Monday-Friday (Saturday by 4pm). Comedy Driving also offers the best overnight delivery options for those who need a certificate as soon as possible. Following state guidelines, the soonest you may receive the certificate of completion is the next business day.

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