Defensive Driving Saves


Staying safe on the roadway not only calls for routine vehicle maintenance, it also requires proficiency in defensive driving etiquette in order to not only protect yourself, but others that share the road with you as well.

Defensive driving techniques are the best way to prevent accidents, and keep your insurance rates low, especially if you have an event data recorder aka black box installed in your vehicle.

Keeping a 2-second space or following distance between you and the car in front of you is one of the best ways to prevent collisions. Adjusting speed to the weather and road conditions is another way to avoid dangerous situations. Signaling early for turns, stops, and lane changes is also great defensive driving technique.

Staying focused will always help keep you, and others that share the road with you, safe. It may be extremely beneficial to take a refresher defensive driving course, even if you don’t have a ticket that needs to be dismissed. It may even save you up to 10% off your monthly car insurance rates! You may also be able to save money by getting a free auto or home quote online, 24 hours a day at